Converse Femdom

Men suffer under converse sneakers

Lady Kara wanted her slave to experience some pain. She sat down and thought about the best way to achieve that. She decided to crush his balls and his dick using her sneakers. She used her converse sneakers to masturbate him and it was rough and painful. She then crushed his balls before she stuck her foot into his mouth and tortured him. By the time she was done, the slave wished she had shot him with a gun instead.

Lady Steffi enjoys trampling losers. If anyone is a loser to her, she has to trample him. This new employee did not meet his targets and she had to make sure he was well motivated. Only that her motivation involved her sneakers and some pain. She crushed the employee's face using her sneakers and made sure he was in lots of pain and associated that pain with failing to meet his targets.

Mistress Madison wanted to punish her slave for starting a fight with her neighbor. She had to make him understand that she keeps to herself and never likes to create unnecessary issues with her neighbors. She was wearing her converse sneakers so she used them to crush and trample him as punishment. It was painful but that was what she planned to happen. She wanted him to associate his behavior with pain so that he never did it again.

Madame Marissa came home and found her slave had messed up what she had given him to fix. She thought he was a man and he could handle the task but he was a loser and did not manage to handle it. So she wore her converse sneakers and she used them to crush, jump, stomp and trample him as hard as she could manage before she made him try it all over again.

This mistress hates it when a slave does something wrong. That is why she bothers to show her slave how she wants and likes her feet pampered and massaged. Today she demonstrated to this new slave and he said he had understood how she wanted it done. But he did his own things so the mistresses used her foot fetish to humiliate and punish him. She crushed him and made him lick and smell her feet.

Mistress Akara loves her converse sneakers because they are comfortable. She loves to wear them wherever she goes and sometimes she gets her feet smelly. Whenever that happens, she usually takes it as a sign that the universe wants her to humiliate someone. So she finds a random loser or slave and she forces him or her to lick and smell her shoes. She likes the sweat licked and the stinky shoes smelled.

Mistress Tiffany is a bully. She enjoys humiliating other people whenever she can and for no reason at all. She does it just because she can and today she was using her sweaty and smelly socks to humiliate this guy. She made him smell her socks and she also ordered him to lick them. The poor guy had no choice but to do as told for fear or a worse punishment.

Mistress Lea forces the slave to lie down in the kitchen and immediately jumps on his body and starts to trample him under her converse sneakers. She walks all over his body, stands on his neck and face and even makes him suck the dirt off her shoe soles. Such a cruel French mistress!

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