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Men suffer under converse sneakers

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Goddess Kiffa wanted to dominate this guy because he had dared her. She had tried to make him realize she was not playing but he went too far in her opinion and she had to let him know that she would not let him do that again. So the mistress used her converse sneakers to trample him and humiliate him. He was shocked but he was also afraid of her and he complied.

Mistress Cassandra was not pleased that her shoes had gotten old and she would not wear them for long. She wanted them to go out in style and with a bang so she used them to dominate a loser. She had them licked and she used them to trample and humiliate this loser for her own enjoyment. Then she let them take a deserving rest as she had used them for a long time.

Tiffany Naylor felt that she needed to do things differently. She knew that this loser was not the kind of person she needed to take instructions from so she kicked him in the nuts to send a message to him. She was fed up with him and she had to make him learn that she wanted things done her way. She used her sneakers to ballbust him and he had no choice but to endure the pain and humiliation.

Mistress Alex wanted to punish her slave and she was in the mood to trample. She was wearing her sneakers to she threw her slave down and she got on top of him and used her sneakers to trample him. She crushed his head, his face and the rest of his body cruelly. She even crushed his neck an made him lick the soles of her dirty converse sneakers before she was done with him.

Lady Kara found her boyfriend going through her stuff and she was pissed off. She could not understand why he was checking her handbag and she had to make sure he never did it again. So she punished him by crushing him and jumping on his chest using her sneakers. She also made him lick the dirty soles of her sneakers until he begged for mercy. When she was tired, she sat on his balls.

Mistress Imane was trying crush and trampling fetish for the first time. She had practiced enough times and she felt like she was extremely good at it. When she got a slave, she unleashed terror on him by trampling him with her sneakers and making him cry like a little baby. She crushed his balls, his cock, his face, his head and anywhere else she felt would be as painful as she wanted.

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