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Mistress Amy always looks sexy in her converse sneakers. She loves to wear them anytime she feels like humiliating a loser because she always attracts a lot of guys whenever she wears them. And she always chooses the most offensive guy who tries to make passes at her or cat call her and then she uses the same sneakers to punish him. She likes to make them lick the soles of her sneakers besides trampling them.

Mistress Isabella has sweaty feet and she does not mind because they give her an opportunity to have fun and humiliate her slaves. She likes to make her slaves lick her sweaty feet till they are clean. And when she has been walking in shoes the whole day and they are smelly, she likes to use that too to humiliate and punish her slaves. She makes them smell them and ensure the smell is gone.

Mistress Becca came home and found her boyfriend had been drinking all day and had not done anything productive. She did not want a drunkard for a boyfriend so she crushed and beat the hangover and booze out of his system. She used her sneakers to crush him and trample him till he became sober. Even through the drunkenness, he could feel the pain of her sneakers trampling his body hard.

Lady Kara found her boyfriend going through her stuff and she was pissed off. She could not understand why he was checking her handbag and she had to make sure he never did it again. So she punished him by crushing him and jumping on his chest using her sneakers. She also made him lick the dirty soles of her sneakers until he begged for mercy. When she was tired, she sat on his balls.

Mistress Camille was waiting for her slave. She had sent him on an urgent assignment but he was taking longer than she had anticipated and she was getting worked up. The longer he took the angrier he got and had to punish him. She planned to make him lick and smell her sweaty and stinky converse sneakers as well as her sweaty and smelly feet. That would send him a message.

These mistresses wanted to show this guy that he was not as hot and as important as he liked to feel he was. They wanted to cut him down to size and they did that in a cruel manner. They had muddy converse sneakers which they made him lick till they were clean. They also trampled him and humiliated him a great deal before they let him go with a warning that he should stop being too boastful.

Mistress Kristina and her friend mistress Maika wanted to punish this guy for being a bully. They had been bullied when they were in school and they did not want anyone else to undergo what they went through. So they lured the bully to their house and instead of the fun he expected to have, they tortured him and made him lick their smelly socks and sweaty feet and made him promise to stop being a bully.

Mistress Madison wanted to punish her slave for starting a fight with her neighbor. She had to make him understand that she keeps to herself and never likes to create unnecessary issues with her neighbors. She was wearing her converse sneakers so she used them to crush and trample him as punishment. It was painful but that was what she planned to happen. She wanted him to associate his behavior with pain so that he never did it again.

Madame Marissa came home and found her slave had messed up what she had given him to fix. She thought he was a man and he could handle the task but he was a loser and did not manage to handle it. So she wore her converse sneakers and she used them to crush, jump, stomp and trample him as hard as she could manage before she made him try it all over again.

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