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This mistress loves converse sneakers because they are comfortable and also because she likes to use them to humiliate losers with them. She knows they cannot resist her and she likes to take that opportunity to make them do all the crazy stuff in her head. Today she wanted her sneakers smelled. She also spat on the shoes and she forced the loser to lick the spit off her shoes.

Lady Kara thought she was friends with this guy but he had other ideas. He wanted to lay her and she was surprised and offended. She had to make sure he never exposed himself to anyone the way he did to her. She trampled his nude body with her sneakers and made sure she crushed his balls and even forced him to lick the dirty soles of her sneakers before she let him go.

Mistress Imane was trying crush and trampling fetish for the first time. She had practiced enough times and she felt like she was extremely good at it. When she got a slave, she unleashed terror on him by trampling him with her sneakers and making him cry like a little baby. She crushed his balls, his cock, his face, his head and anywhere else she felt would be as painful as she wanted.

Lady Kara wanted her slave to experience some pain. She sat down and thought about the best way to achieve that. She decided to crush his balls and his dick using her sneakers. She used her converse sneakers to masturbate him and it was rough and painful. She then crushed his balls before she stuck her foot into his mouth and tortured him. By the time she was done, the slave wished she had shot him with a gun instead.

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